Sandwiches served 12-5

served on seeded bread with chipotle mayo/salad/slaw

‘deli deal’ tues-fri 12-5pm any sandwich and bottomless fries £7

Mollettes 7
Boston baked beans and three cheeses – pressed and grilled
Pork & Pickle Cubanita 8.5
Pulled pork, pickles & three cheeses – pressed and grilled
Crab & Brie Grilled Cheese 8.5
Dressed white crab meat, brie, mozzarella & caramelised onions – pressed and grilled
Torta Ahogata 8
A warm brioche sub filled with halloumi, avocado & tomato with chilli gravy for drowning
Reuben 8.5
Emmentaal, cheddar and mozzarella with sauerkraut, pastrami and american mustard – pressed and grilled
Brie & Bacon Grilled Cheese 8.5
Brie, mozzarella, cheddar, crispy bacon and caramelised onions – pressed and grilled
Po’ Boys
Warm brioche sub, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and homemade New Orleans style remoulade
• New Orleans cornmeal crumbed chicken 8.
• Brisket in tray gravy 8.5
• New Orleans cornmeal crumbed halloumi pieces 7.5

starters, sharers and sides

Street Corn (v) 3
charred skewers of corn with a chilli cheese coating
Frickles (v) 3
battered and deep fried dill pickles
Chilli Pops (v) 4
jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried
Baby Corn Dogs 5
baby frankfurters coated in a cornmeal batter, fried & striped with american mustard & spiked tomato ketchup
Hush Puppies (v) 4
small savoury donuts made from cornmeal, beer & cheese, drizzled with blue cheese dressing

Chicken Wings 5
dr. pepper bbq/chimmichurri/Nolita signature/dry NoLIta

Nachos 8 – perfect for 2 sharing
crisp tortilla chips topped with cheese, spicy beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & jalapeño peppers
with pork or brisket 10

basket of seasoned fries 3.5
homemade Boston baked beans 2.5
homemade slaw 2
onion rings 3
baked mac & cheese 3.5

Homemade Dips .50
dr. pepper bbq, Nolita cheese sauce, blue cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, aioli

Mains served 5-10

Havana Rum Ribs 14
Served with fries, salad & slaw
Beer Belly Pork 12
Belly pork slow cooked in Samuel Adams & Sriracha Hot Sauce served with salad, slaw and fries
Gumbo 13
Southern Cajun dish of smoked sausage, paprika & prawns. Served with a garlic rubbed toasted sub
Panzanella (v) 9
Garlic toasted bread tossed with slow roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs, buffalo mozzarella & basil oil dressing

Burgers served all day long

Burgers come with salad, slaw and fries & are served slightly pink
– if you would like them cooked through let your server know

Caprese 10
single stack burger with buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomatoes & fresh herb dressing

Hot Mess 10
single stack burger with cheese, maple bacon peanut popcorn crumb

Belly 11
single stack burger with belly pork slices, cheese & homemade chimmichurri dressing

Fish Fry 13
seasonal fish, squid & prawns dusted in a New Orleans style crumb – fried and drizzled with homemade aioli

Chicken Fry 13
butterflied chicken breast dusted in a New Orleans crumb – fried & topped with homemade aioli, tomato & guacamole

Nomita (v) 9.5
homemade mixed bean burger topped with grilled aubergine and brie

Pastrami 12
double stack burger with swiss, sauerkraut & peppered pastrami

Cheeseburger 9.5
double stack burger with mont jack, spicy ketchup & american mustard (add bacon/blue cheese/pickles/caramelised onion £1)

Green Chilli Hash 12
double stack burger with mont jack, homemade green chilli pickle & a hash brown

Pulled Pork 12
double stack burger with homemade pulled pork, Mont Jack cheese, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce

Big Boy 15
triple stacked burger layered with swiss & jack cheese topped with bacon, hash brown, onion rings & pickles